Here is the pilot episode of our new online real estate show ORLANDOLOGY which first aired on on March 1, 2013.

Orlandology 101 – Sanford

Orlandology [awr-lan-daw-luh-jee]
1. The study of Orlando and its neighborhoods including real estate and lifestyle.

Jose and Claudia are Realtors in Orlando. Their goal on this show is to introduce you to all the beautiful neighborhoods and towns in and around Orlando. While there, they’ll also take a peek inside some homes (single family, town home/condo and luxury homes) to give you an even better idea of the Orlando lifestyle. As locals invite the Realtor couple into their homes they chat about the top reasons to live in each particular neighborhood as well as all the fun things to do. Get to know the real Orlando and experience it through the eyes of the locals! Don’t worry, you won’t be quizzed at the end of each show – you’ll just get closer to earning your degree in Orlandology and becoming an Orlandologist yourself…


On German National TV

In May of 2016 Claudia had her second TV appearance on German National TV. The first one was aired in February of 2016.

Everything is in German but we still hope you enjoy it…

“Here’s the footage of my latest TV appearance on German national TV on Pro7’s show “Taff”. The segment was about Germans in Florida and talks in specific about my career as real estate agent 😉 ”

This is my appearance on the national TV show “Die Auswanderer” on VOX. The show follows German immigrants all over the world as they start their new lives outside of Germany. I was able to meet Demi and her children shortly after they had moved to Orlando for good. They were looking for a house to buy 😉