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by | Apr 7, 2017

Last weekend was the first weekend of the annual Parade of Homes in Orlando. As local Realtor, you might think I could get tired of touring (new) homes – well, I truly don’t. Ever. And since we are currently remodeling our own home (long story) this event couldn’t have come at a better time. I picked my favorite homes, based on their categories. My number 1 priority were “whole house remodels”, not just for the above mentioned reason but also because I think those homes are usually the ones that will impress me most (and boy, was I right again!). So based on my experience last weekend, and my overall experience, here are my top picks for this year’s Orlando Parade of Homes.

Samsara by Mission Homes LLC – Divinely inspired Design


IMG_8564This was an easy choice! An old church turned into town homes, how could I not take this bait? What I didn’t know was that the home was actually not quite ready for visitors yet (apparently I don’t know how to read a simple guide – or, I was just way too excited to see this object and ignored the fine print), but the owner let us in anyway for a private sneak peek.

The home left me speechless so I will let my, decent at best, mobile phone pictures speak (where is my DSLR when I need it?).


IMG_8549 IMG_8571 IMG_8576 IMG_8535 IMG_8539 IMG_8544 IMG_8542 IMG_8562 IMG_8563 IMG_8553 IMG_8584

Seriously though, if you attend the Parade of Home 2017 and miss this town home, it’s like you haven’t actually gone. So do yourself a favor and check out this home. And please, take my word for it.

More info can be found here:

Here are a couple of my favorites that I actually toured:

827 N. Eola Dr. by Clarkson Concepts

IMG_8496This modern Lake Highland Park beauty was our very first stop. We actually decided to take a walk through Lake Eola Heights, then crossed Colonial Drive to get to Lake Highland Park. Last weekend was rather hot but we still enjoyed looking at all the beautiful homes along our 20 minute walk. Lake Eola Heights is one of my favorite neighborhoods of Orlando so I didn’t mind the heat (I was very thankful for the trees, not only because I am obsessed with beautiful old oak trees but also because said trees provided the shade we needed!), but this weekend I can assure you the walk will be much more pleasant, in fact it might be the last walk you will be able to take for a while without breaking into a sweat after about 30 seconds.



IMG_8504 IMG_8431

IMG_8512Oh, and this might also be a great time to give the Juice Bikes bike share program a try. So between 827 N. Eola and the Samsara, why not explore a bit of Downtown Orlando’s authentic and timeless neighborhoods? Just don’t spend too much time adoring all those adorable homes (we did, and that’s why we ended up having to drastically shorten our home touring load for the day).

Below are are a few photos taken at 827 N. Eola. Overall a great property, loved the very modern design and felt reassured in my own design choices (most of them came directly off my pinteresting boards).

IMG_8437 IMG_8447 IMG_8467 IMG_8454 IMG_8452 IMG_8478 IMG_8460 IMG_8485 IMG_8482

More info can be found here:

Gaines Way by Austin Homes

The drive up to this home might just be worth it already. Winter Park living at its best. Unique homes (aka mansions) set within breathtaking nature. I loved the curb appeal of just about every home, including of course the one we toured at Gaines Way.

Overall a gorgeous home with a great layout. LOVED the glass enclosed wine “cellar”. It’s now on my “really want but really don’t need list”.

IMG_8605 IMG_8606 IMG_8610 IMG_8613 IMG_8621 IMG_8632 IMG_8635 IMG_8637 IMG_8640

More info can be found here:

Design trend number 1 I spotted:

What is is about free standing bath tubs? Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally on board with it, have always loved them, probably because they remind me of historic homes (as some of you know that’s where my passion lies).

Eola Drive

827 N Eola Drive



New construction home in College Park we toured the same day

New construction home in College Park we toured the same day

Gaines Drive

Gaines Way

The homes I saved for this weekend…

Following are home that I am planning on touring the second weekend of the Parade of Homes (in the order of personal priority which is mainly based on, I will admit it, distance from my own residence):

Pictures courtesy Orlando Parade of Homes 2017

Killarney – SHOWCASE by CalAtlantic Homes


This year’s showcase home, so yes, it has to be on my list. And as a special bonus: located right in my area, my beloved Sanford. So even though I’ve toured Lake Markham Landings several times before, I can’t get enough of those beautiful model homes.

Killarney-Lake-Markham-Landings-kitchen Killarney-Lake-Markham-Landings-family

More info can be found here:

Lake Maitland Owl Preserve by E2 Homes

Deliciously modern, just the way I like it! I am so excited to be touring this one this weekend. Not too many pictures online (as soon as I’ve seen it I will share my pics here) but I’m leaving you with the exterior shot, courtesy of the Parade of Homes web site…

Lake Maitland Owl Preserve

More info can be found here:

Palm Court by Phil Kean Design Group

Can you say LUXURY(8,245 sqft. of luxury that is)? Don’t miss this one!

Palm Court Palm Court courtyard Palm Court design Palm Court pool

But just in case you do, here’s what you’d miss… The new American Home! (click the link below to watch the video!)

More info can be found here:

Thurloe by Phil Kean Design Group

Another fabulous remodel!

Thurloe Thurloe-family Thurloe-pool

More info can be found here:

Other trends still going strong (random observations, please don’t quote me on this):

  • Subway tile
  • Succulents and green plants in general (especially in kitchen area)
  • Light colored countertops
  • More use of gold fixtures
  • IKEA. Spotted lots of decor that either was from IKEA or could have been bought at IKEA. Either way, makes me feel good because lots of our home decor was also made in Sweden 🙂

Overall we had a great time touring part 1 of our list. Even my boys were astonishingly well behaved that day. Remember, at most homes you will have to take your shoes off.

IMG_8522 IMG_8444

See you at the Parade of Homes 2017 Part II 🙂

Yours truly!!

Yours truly!!

Written By Claudia

Hi, my name is Claudia Mundlos! I moved from Germany to the USA in 2004 and now live in Sanford, FL. As a Realtor with Charles Rutenberg Realty I work in the entire Orlando area to help people like you realize their dreams of home ownership. Being a creative at heart I am passionate about design, no matter if Graphic, Web or Fashion 😉 Feel free to follow me on twitter or my blog about Sanford FL. Claudia on Google+

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