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Orlando First Time Homebuyer: Types of Ownership Part 2

As the space for homes has diminished in Central Florida, condos have become more popular. Condos are typically attached homes, meaning each unit shares a wall or walls.  When you own a condo you own everything on the interior of that unit. The exterior walls, roof and common areas are usually maintained by the home […]

Orlando First Time Homebuyers: Types of Ownership

Shopping for your new home in the Orlando area can be a lot of fun. But how can you determine what neighborhood best suits your needs? All homes are not created equal and “owning” your home can have a very different meaning depending on the type of home you choose.  Before you start searching you […]

How do you know it’s a short sale?

Buyers, in case you are wondering how you would know which home is in a short sale (pre-foreclosure) situation, here’s a useful tip: Check the listing description text. If somewhere in the text you see the following lines, the property is a short sale: Pin It

What to choose: Condo or Townhome?

For those of you who have already ruled out single family homes, you may now wonder “what is the right home for me? Condo or town home?”
This is a very good question because there definitely is a difference between condos and town homes. Much of it is related to a lifestyle.

Real Estate Love at First Sight?

Love is in the air – it’s spring time! That brought up the question many (first time) home buyers ask: Is there such a thing as love at first sight when it comes to buying a home? As in real life, it does happen. The magical moment of walking into a home and just knowing, […]

About Short Sales and Shoes

Here’s the truth about short sales: they are tricky, and not just because their misleading name. Just for the record, “short” does not refer to the time frame in which the transaction will be completed! “Short” stands for the owner being short on their mortgage therefore asking the bank to take a loss as he […]