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First Time Home Buyer Checklist

If reading through pages of advice doesn’t sound very appealing, then here is  a first time home buyers checklist to help you through the process. Print it out and check each item off through out the process. 1. Locate a reputable real estate agent. 2. Run your credit report If credit score is low, fix […]

Buying Your First Home: Get Financed Faster

So you  have done your homework and checked your credit score, fixed any problems and saved some money for a down payment. You are now ready to start mortgage shopping. Even if you have done the behind the scenes preparation, the process of obtaining financing can be a little lengthy.  But there are some ways […]

First Time Home Buyer Info: Down Payment

Once you have gone over your credit report and fixed any mistakes, paid off a few credit cards, and know your score and can start shopping for your mortgage. How much money you have to put down can make a huge difference in the amount of home you can afford. A few years ago it was not uncommon for buyers to get a first time home buyer loan with absolutely nothing down. Those days are pretty much over. Now the banks want to see a stable employment history, and depending on your loan, a minimum of 3.5% down.

First Time Home Buyer Info: Credit Scores

In the last article “Obtaining Financing” we talked a little bit about the importance of checking your own credit score before applying for a home loan. There are many reasons why this is a good a idea and why you should do it sooner rather than later. But first you should understand how your credit score is determined.
Your credit score is based on several factors including:

First Time Home Buyer Info: Obtaining Financing

Buying your first home can be a lot of fun. Choosing the perfect house, imagining how to decorate, what color paint you will use and where you place your furniture is all very exciting. But before you get too carried away designing your new home, you need to find out a few things about financing.

The first thing you need to know is how much money you can qualify for. Normally your Realtor will refer you to a reliable lender who can do this for you. But obtaining financing is a pretty intimidating process and something you should prepare for in advance. Many first time home buyers have lost the home of their dreams because they had not put their own financial house in order before approaching the lender.

Buying Your First Home: Are You Really Ready? Part II

In part one of Buying Your First Home: Are You Really Ready?” we talked about some of the advantages of owning your first home. Making the decision to buy a your first home is personal, so of course some advantages vary from person to person. Before you jump in with both feet it is definitely worth it to look at the disadvantages and some of the new responsibilities you will be taking on.

Buying Your First Home: Are you really ready? Part 1

If you read the last article “Cut the Confusion: Defining the Key Players for Orlando First time Home buyers” then you are already one step a head of the pack. But are you really ready buy? There are many responsibilities of home ownership that are often forgotten once the adrenaline of buying your first home […]

Cut the confusion: Help for Orlando First Time Home Buyers

You might have heard the news circulating that the real estate market has become a golden ticket for buyers, and especially first time buyers.First time buyers, previously out priced of homes, now have wide spread, home value reductions, as their entrance to the market. On top of that, first time home buyers are also being […]