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The process continues

It has been a week or so since my last post and things are moving forward with our house. The seller (the bank) finally signed back our contract so our lender could finally get started working on securing our loan. Even though we got pre-approved there was still a ton of paperwork we had to send over and since our lender is about a 45min drive to no where, I decided to spend two hours scanning in 210 pages of tax returns. I thought this would save us some time, but instead ended up taking 2 days because the files were to large to email. We finally figured out an electronic solution and got all of the paper work over to them.

From here I think the next hurdle is the appraisal. Our bank has to send out an appraiser to be sure the house is valued atleast at what we offered. If not then the whole deal could go down the drain, but I am feeling confident :). We still don’t have a firm close date, and from what I understand it could be anywhere from July 29th to August 7th, so that doesn’ really help too much when planning a move. But I am slowly starting to the house in order, I am thinking 2 weeks before the close date will give us plenty of time to pack up. Let’s hope so anyway 🙂

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