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Our First Offer

Well, we finished looking at all of the homes Jose and Claudia found for us. And we were a little torn between one in Altamonte (great location, but the house had no character) and the two historic homes in Sanford (lot’s of character!). Jose had looked into the two in Sanford and found that our first choice had issues running much more deep than cosmetic. It also had 2 offers on it already. Disappointed, my husband and I decided to scratch that one off the list. Bank owned homes sometimes go into bidding wars when more than one offer has been submitted and given the amount of work this particular house would need we just decided it was better to walk away.

So that left the one in Altamonte and the other Sanford home. We thought about it for a day or so and despite the better location of the altamonte home, decided we would be happier living in the historic house. We called Jose and told him we would like to make an offer and met him and Claudia that night to write it up.

Who knew putting an offer on a house could be so painful?! Because this house is banked owned the usual process has been turned upside down. The bank had pages of required documents from our lender that must be submitted with the offer. At least we are already pre-approved so getting all of those documents together just took one phone call to our mortgage guy.  But instead of being able to submit the offer that night, we were not able to submit it for a day and half.

So finally our first ever offer was submitted! Now we just have to wait to hear back from the bank. This can apparently take a minimum of 7 days or longer if the offer was less than full asking price. (ours was) So now we just sit and wait. Ugh!

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