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Buying our First Home: Getting Started

I have been a renter for the last 4 years, my husband is a lifer. He is from France and has a very European idea about home ownership, in other words, it is just not that important to him. After years of going back and forth about what we should do, we have finally decided that now IS a good time to buy. (yaaaay!) It is not without some sacrifice however. In order to come up with the down payment my husband must sell his beloved motorcycle (that he actually NEVER rides, but loves anyway) and his precious semi-professional video camera (again NEVER uses but just having it makes him feel good)

After talking with our Realtors (Jose and Claudia) we decided that the best way to tackle this new venture was to first get pre-approved for a home loan. That process alone ended up taking so much longer than we had anticipated.  The whole time  I was sitting on pins waiting to find out if in this new “credit crunched” economy we would get approved. Dare I even look at what might be available? Of course I did and also started watching HGTV around the clock. I am a little obsessed. It has taken an excruciating 2 weeks to finally get the pre-approval letter (yay!), But it is also a much lower price point than we had been thinking. (Boo)

But being optimists we have set up our first appointment to meet with  Jose and Claudia to look at house, and see what we could possibly find in this seemingly depressing price range.

I will definitely post updates a long the way to let you know where this new experience will take us and what we are able to find.

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