Types of Neighborhoods in Orlando FL – Part 1

by | Jun 26, 2009

Most experts, including the guys at frontdoor.com, agree that there are generally 12 different and distinct types of neighborhoods. How you live your daily life and how you have projected yourself in the future will determine which of the 12 best suits you. Throughout the course of the next few articles I will walk you through each of the twelve neighborhoods and how they apply to the Orlando area, starting with the first three.

Lake Eola1. DowntownDowntown Orlando is roughly a few square miles encompassing Lake Eola. Here you will find a mix of brand new luxury apartments, some fixer-up type lofts or apartments, duplexes and few single family homes. If you like being in the center of everything this is the neighborhood you would choose. Walking distance to the coffee shop, restaurants and book stores, offers a convenience but not without a cost. For your convenience you will likely pay a little more for less square footage and will have to deal with street noise and maybe a few transients.

2. Urban Pioneer – The Urban pioneer neighborhoods are typically older homes that surround on the outskirts the city center. Thornton Park is a good example of this type of neighborhood. This area offers a little more square footage and yard for your money than the downtown neighborhood without losing the charm and character of the homes. The downside is that not everyone in your neighborhood will be able to keep their house up to date, resulting in some neighborhood eyesores.

3. New Urban – A new urban neighborhood is a neighborhood built around a business park or area where many people converge each day for work. These neighborhoods, such as Baldwin Park or Avalon Park offer new construction in a retro style within a planned community. The community is generally walkable and includes grocery stores, nightlife and movie theatres. The main downside to this type of neighborhood is price. Because they are especially trendy they tend to attract the young single professionals who have a little more disposable income than the typical family.

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  1. Heather

    Isnt this the same information found on frontdoor.com? They have the same 12 types of areas

    • Heather

      Hi Heather, Thanks for your comment! Yes, the types of neighborhoods were also mentioned in an article at frontdoor.com (they are just the general 12 neighborhoods used by many real estate professionals, kind of universal facts/information), however I re-wrote them for realestatewall.com and applied the info to communities in the Orlando area to make it more useful for buyers in Orlando. In fact, I was thinking about rewriting the posts one more time to target the types of neighborhoods even more specifically to Orlando. One of our Realtors here already pointed out that Orlando really doesn’t have “ethnic” neighborhoods and besides that the term is a bit questionable anyway 😉


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