How To Choose The Right Orlando Area Neighboorhood – Part 1

by | Jun 22, 2009

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The Orlando area offers many great neighborhood options. Whether you are looking for a historic home on a tree lined street, or a newly developed gated community, Central Florida has you covered. But really that is just skimming the surface of how to choose the right neighborhood to meet your needs.

When you are ready to move, sit down and take a few minutes to really go over your lifestyle and write down everything that is important to you. Here is a list of things to consider, to help get you started and help you decide what the perfect neighborhood means to you.

1. Commute – How far are you willing to drive each morning and evening to and from work.

2. School System – If you have children you will want to research the schools in the area and how to compare to other areas. Even if you don’t have children having a home in a desirable school system will add value to your home.

3. Type of Home– Is it important to you to live in a brand new or nearly new home? Or are you a sucker for historic homes?

4. Consider the surroundings – How far are you willing to drive for groceries, to see a movie, or grab a coffee?  Or would you prefer your daily errands to be walkable?

5. Think about what you don’t like – Be sure to consider the things you don’t like and cannot compromise on. If you can’t stand street noise for example, steer clear of homes near major roadways.

Written By Heather

Heather joined our team in 2009. She is passionate about real estate and helps home buyers in the entire Orlando area. When she is not actively working with home buyers like you, she is writing for her fashion blog StarFashionAddict.

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