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5 Central Florida First Time Home Buyer Myths

The best thing a first time home buyer can do when starting their search, is to take a few moments to understand the process. Buying a new home is a huge commitment and a legal transaction, as such there are many myths swirling around about how it works. An informed buyer will feel more comfortable […]

New Homeowners in Sanford FL

Congratulations Sarah and John on your beautiful new home in Sanford FL! We are sure you will create wonderful memories in your new home and hope you enjoy every day of living in it :o) Jose and I helped these nice newlyweds find their dream home. Sarah is actually a first time home buyer! Sarah […]

Avoiding First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Mistakes In the Orlando Market – Part 2

Hopefully you already read part one of  Avoiding First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Mistakes In the Orlando Market, so you already know the top three mistakes to avoid. But don’t put down your pencils yet, there are three more common first time home buyer pit falls you should be aware of. 1. Not getting pre-approved […]

How to Avoid First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Mistakes In the Orlando Market

Since the collapse of the real estate market a few years ago it has become clear that many buyers simply did not know what they were getting into with their mortgages.  Lenders are in the business of selling mortgages, they are making money in a variety of ways from your mortgage amount. Obviously the higher […]

Gateway at Riverwalk Condos in Sanford FL

Do you love Sanford but are not quite sure about the responsibilities related to living in an older home of the historic district? You might not want to deal with constant maintenance and the general upkeep of a historic home but at the same time you would love to live an urban lifestyle, within walking […]

5 Tips for Buying a New Construction Home in Orlando

Can’t decide between a brand new, never lived in home and an existing home? It is a tough choice especially in this market, but if you are considering a newly constructed home or town home in the Orlando area here are some things you should know. 1. You should have your own Realtor. Many people […]