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What NOT to do before you Close on your New Orlando Area Home


You have your pre-approval, you have found the house of your dreams and you have a signed contract accepting your offer. Everything is looking good and you can’t wait for the closing date to arrive so you can finally move into your new pad. But before your close, read this list of what not do, […]

What NOT to do before you Close on your New Home in Orlando FL

Getting Outbid in the Orlando’s Buyers Market?


It may seem a little contradictory…it is supposed to be a buyers market, right? So why is there so much competition on the same house? If you have recently started your home search in the Orlando area and have already been outbid on a home, you may have started to feel the panic of having […]

$8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit: Deadline Approaching

Piggy Bank

The deadline for the $8,000 federal tax credit for first time home buyers is approaching quickly, so if you were considering purchasing a home this year, now is the time to get your documents in order and start looking. In order to qualify, buyers must close on their home by November 30 (keep in mind […]

Orlando First Time home buyer 8k tax credit deadline

Avoiding First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Mistakes In the Orlando Market – Part 2


Hopefully you already read part one of  Avoiding First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Mistakes In the Orlando Market, so you already know the top three mistakes to avoid. But don’t put down your pencils yet, there are three more common first time home buyer pit falls you should be aware of. 1. Not getting pre-approved […]

Avoid First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Mistakes - Part 2

Explaining the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit for Orlando House Hunters

Dollar House

Earlier this year the Federal Government passed legislation literally gifting up to $8,ooo in the form of a tax credit to first time home-buyers. Over the past year there has been a lot of confusion regarding this credit. Many people wrongly assume that this sum of money is a type of loan that must be […]

$8000 Orlando First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

Orlando House Hunting Tips – Home Buyer Advice


While hunting for your first home it can be easy to get distracted by all of the amenities of the house. Fresh paint and a large room family room may seem like just what you were looking for, but it is important to keep your head on your shoulders and consider a few things before […]

Orlando House Hunting Tips

Understanding Home Owner’s Associations

Orlando Street View

For all of the headaches involved in dealing with Home Owners Associations they actually exist to keep your neighborhood in tip top condition and preserve your home’s value.  Most Central Florida neighborhoods have some type of association and most certainly all Condo and town home communities. Their role differs depending on the type of home […]

About Orlando's Home Owners Associations

How To Choose the Right Orlando Area Neighborhood – Part 2

Orlando Street View

Hopefully you read part one of this topic and already created your list of must have’s for your new neighborhood. After you have narrowed down what you can live without and what you really want in your new neighborhood it’s time to start narrowing down locations. If you already live in Central Florida, then you […]

How To Choose the Right Neighborhood in Orlando FL

Orlando First Time Homebuyer: Types of Ownership Part 2

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As the space for homes has diminished in Central Florida, condos have become more popular. Condos are typically attached homes, meaning each unit shares a wall or walls.  When you own a condo you own everything on the interior of that unit. The exterior walls, roof and common areas are usually maintained by the home […]

Orlando First Time Homebuyers: Types of Ownership


Shopping for your new home in the Orlando area can be a lot of fun. But how can you determine what neighborhood best suits your needs? All homes are not created equal and “owning” your home can have a very different meaning depending on the type of home you choose.  Before you start searching you […]